Selected reviews and articles

  • Collective Records: New York Film Festival’s Currents, MUBI Festival Notebook, October 2021
  • Berlinale ’21 Summer Special: ‘Strange Object’, review (German language) by Lida Bach, for Cinemagicon
  • ‘Strange Object by Miranda Pennell’, Camilla Peeters at Berlinale Shorts, Ultradogme, June 2021
  • Review: ‘Strange Object’ by Marko Stojiljkovic, Ubiquarian
  • ‘Short Film – Strange Object’, Steve Taylor-Bryant at London International Film Festival, The Dream Cage
  • Resquebrajar la Historia [Cracked History] Ana Vaz’s “Pseudosphynx” and Miranda Pennell’s “Strange Object” propose deconstructions of national histories corrupted by colonialism. Mariona Borrull in Ostros Cines Europa (March 2021) English translation here.
  • ‘Strange Object’ / through the eyes of Saskia Walker, Berlinale
  • Living with Contradictions: on whiteness, post colonial art and belonging’, Nina Mangalanayagam in Parse Journal, Issue 11, Summer 2020. Discusses The Host by Miranda Pennell and Lindsay Seers’ Nowhere Less Now.
  • ‘Withholding Patterns’ (feature on The Host) by Yusef Sayed, in Underline Magazine,  4, Autumn 2018: The Abadan Issue, British Council. Available in English and Persian [https://iran.britishcouncil.org/en/underline/editorial]
  • ‘Dissecting patriarchy in the intimacy of the archive through the work of RAMESCH DAHA, TATIANA LECOMPTE, MIRANDA PENNELL’ by Aesa Sigurjonsdottir;
    Eikon #100 – Special Issue, International Magazine for Photography & Media, pp57-68,  (Vienna, November 2017)
  • ‘Miranda Pennell and Pathchwork Archivists at Open City Docs 2017’ by Reeling the Real (September 2017)
  • Ars Moriendi, or How To Film a Sculpture: The 11th Punto de Vista Festival, report in Senses of Cinema (June 2017)
  • ‘La memoria presente del colonialismo/The present memory of colonialism’ review of The Host in Otros Cines Europa by Manu Yáñez (9th March 2017). English translation here: ‘The present memory of colonialism’
  • ‘Venez danser avec les oeuvres du Fonds d’art contemporain de le Ville’ review of the  exhibition  «Nous pourrions danser ensemble» at Le Commun, Bâtiment d’art contemporain, Geneva, in the Tribune de Geneve (Sept 2016)
  • ‘Thieves in the temple: reframing the archive with Miranda Pennell and Sarah Wood’ by Sophie Mayer (March 2016) feature in Sight & Sound.
  • ‘The Host’ review in Sight & Sound by Sukhdev Sandhu (April  2016)
  • Pleasure Dome: Far From Iran reviewed in Hello Cinema, an English-language website dedicated to Iranian cinema.(July 2016).  [Two films about Iran: Taravat Khalili’s Does the Sand Hear the Waves? and Miranda Pennell’s The Host.]
  • ‘In Praise of Courtisane’, review of the 2016 Courtisane festival, Lumiere (www.elumiere.net)
  • The Essay Film Festival reviewed in Art Monthly (May 2016) by Alex Fletcher.
  • ‘All systems… go: Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle, Miranda Pennell, Dominic Watson, at Cooper Gallery, Dundee,  reviewed in This Is Tomorrow and in The National
  • ‘Tattoo’, catalogue essay in ‘Europe – The Future of History’, Kunsthaus Zurich (2015).
  • ‘Fictional Truths’ by Maria Palacios Cruz in “Document, fiction et droit en art contemporain”  Académie Royale des Beaux Arts (Brussels) and PUP (Université d’Aix/Marseille) [Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed
  • ‘Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed’, by Adi Chesson for Format Court (2011) [French]
  • ‘Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed’, Carmen van Cauwenberghe for Korte Film.Be  (2011) [Flemish]
  • ‘Throwing some weight around – Cornelia Parker, Rosemary Butcher, Miranda Pennell’  by Lizzy Le Quesne essay in Dance Theatre Journal (2010) [You made me love you]
  • Portrait: Miranda Pennell by Wiktoria Peltzer for Vienna Independent Shorts (2011)
  • ‘Choreographies for the Camera’ profile on Miranda Pennell, catalogue essay by Dirk Shaeffer for the 52nd Internationale Kurtzfilmetage Oberhausen (2006)
  • Tanz – Jahrbuch 2011 Miranda Pennell feature by Melanie Suchy


Things I write

  • Space Invaders: how does the coloniser see? lecture, as part of ‘EVIL EYE: parallel histories of ballistics and optics‘ symposium at Tabakalera Centre for Contemporary Culture, San Sebastian (October 2022)
  • History as science fiction, paper at ‘Levels of Life: Photography, Imaging and the Vertical Perspective’ (2022) conference at London College of Communication and Photographers’ Gallery.
  • A couple of years ago…’, p 331-337, essay in “Liberated Film Club” (2021) edited by Winstanley Schtinter, Tenement Press.
  • On Looking More Justly at an Image of the Past” (2019) Journal of Media Practice and Education, 1-14, Routledge 
  • Visualising Spatial Injustice Q&A – Mediapolis Journal of Cities & Culture (July 2018)
  • On looking more justly at an image of the past. Presentation Politics & Poetics of Documentary symposium (Sussex University, June 2017)
  • Gestures of Love and Violence, performance – lecture – screening (2013 – ongoing).  Part 2 of the lecture takes up themes to do with cartoons, violence, animism and dance as resistance.
  • Towards an ethics of looking (September 2016)  Photography in academic research conference at UCL, London.
  • Film as an archive for colonial photographs: activating the past in the present. PhD thesis 2016
  • On looking at photographs from Iran, in The Guardian’s Tehran Bureau (March 2016)
  • The Expedition (March 2016) trouble in the colonial archive…
  • Rules of the Game, by Miranda Pennell, chapter in Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited,  (2013)edited by Jill Daniels, Cahal McLaughlin, Gail Pearce. [Chapter on filming performance and filmmaking as performance. Buy the book Cambridge Scholars Publishing.]
  • Thoughts on Now-ness and Then-ness, in Journal of Screen Dance (Spring 2010, Vol. 1)