Work in progress

(working title)

This project began as I set out to understand the circumstances surrounding an enigmatic photograph taken by my late father in what looks to be an African country in the late 1960’s. The photograph appears as the very last image of my previous film. My questions about this  image sparked a broader search, which led me to trace connections between records of events occurring in different times and places across the 20th century,  in England, the Niger Delta, and Alaska, and between personal and collective remembrance and forgetting.

This project-in-progress aims to reassemble  still and moving images so as to uncover links between apparently distinct continents and time-frames, within a single narrative. Moving between fiction and documentary styles of story telling, it re-imagines past events it in order to ask questions about the present and the future.

This project has been supported by Film London’s ‘New Approaches’ scheme.

Alaska_MMP050 copy copy 2





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